We specialize in providing solutions for the wound care packaging markets, producing both latex-free, and natural rubber-based cold seal adhesives.

Bomarko's proven latex-free, cold seal technology has become the standard in wound care packaging applications. This technology delivers performance that is equal to or better than natural rubber-based cold seal adhesives.

With increased emphasis on performance requirements, medical suppliers are faced with challenges to provide products to satisfy those needs. With this in mind, the proprietary methods used by Bomarko provides a significant performance advantage over the other cold-seal technologies that are being offered in the market today.

When it comes to Wound Care Packaging, Bomarko is recognized as a leading supplier, offering the complete package of products, with proven latex-free and natural rubber-based technology, along with the ability to provide high-performance and cost-effective solutions coupled with experienced and responsive technical service and support topped off with world-class quality and customer service.

To learn more about the adhesives we supply for medical packaging, we invite you to contact us today.