Bomarko is a food / medical grade flexible packaging and specialty coating manufacturer. "We're known by the customers we keep." That's been our motto since 1963. And though much has changed since then, this simple phrase still defines our company even after 50 years in business. In partnership with our customers, our employees and vendors, as one team are solving problems and engineering solutions to packaging needs around the world.

Like so many companies, Bomarko began by converting paper for only one product in a single market segment over 50 years ago. That product was a jumbo roll of waxed paper sold for further converting into small squares used to separate hamburger patties! At that time, Bomarko basically consisted of one waxer and shipped waxed rolls approximately 85 miles west of the waxing plant, located in Plymouth, Indiana.

Today, Bomarko ships internationally, and consists of three converting facilities containing a combination of wide web presses, coating lines and slitting-rewinding stations in addition to fully integrated converting operations. This equipment gives Bomarko capabilities on paper, and foil structures along with the ability to do a variety of coatings, printing, and laminating. The combination of these abilities makes Bomarko a complete packaging and coating supplier.

Bomarko has earned the privilege to serve an esteemed customer base that continues to grow. We continue to carve out a strong niche by providing world-class products and value to our customers. Bomarko defines value as the sum of quality products, quality service and fair product pricing


TOTAL SOLUTIONS We have never thought of ourselves as just a manufacturer of flexible packaging products. Instead, we define our product as the total best solution. Because Bomarko is in the solutions business, our customers count on us to come up with the best overall answers to their business needs and packaging requirements. Our ability to provide such total solutions is what makes us different from the rest.

CUSTOMER–INTIMATE Bomarko's commitment to providing the total best solution demands that we be customer intimate. To meet your budget needs with the strongest possible price/value relationship, we take an intimate knowledge-sharing approach to customer relations. We make it our business to learn your business, which enables us to add value to the transaction. That's why we're so successful at earning, and keeping, customer loyalty.

CREATIVITY-INNOVATION Bomarko is a creative and innovative company, providing a higher level of product quality and service is the essence of creative-innovation. In partnership with our customers, our vendors and our employees, we constantly seek creative product and service solutions. We work with our vendors to secure the highest quality raw materials. We work to provide our employees with the training and education they need for improved productivity and career development. And we listen to our customers. These are the building blocks of innovation at Bomarko.

MARKET DISCIPLINE Bomarko's specialties in foil laminations, patty paper, printed twisting paper, highly specialized products for personal care items along with diverse medical packaging products illustrate our focused, disciplined approach to the market. We know our niche products and our market segments very well, and we don't try to be all things to all people. Our primary customers are in the confectionery business, the food processing industry and the medical community. Most are large, complex corporations who demand product quality that's second to none. Our ability to meet our customer's demands through repeatable performance is what makes Bomarko a leading company in its industry.

COMMITMENT There's really no mystery about our record of success. Quite simply, we've never abandoned the basic principle on which Bomarko was founded: Our customers come first. That's why so many companies have come to rely on us. Because the one thing that hasn't changed since 1963 is Bomarko's unbending commitment to provide the total best solution to the most important people in the
world -- customers like you.