"Patty" packaging products is where we beat the competition because of our experience and variety. Our developed and engineered custom machines produce a large product mix making us the most proficient converter of patty paper.

We will listen to your product requirements and use our expertise for an end product that is cost effective, attractive and technically superior. We will assist you in determining the best process, paper, wax or coating that will work for your application. We understand your need for a fast and efficient quote and delivery service.

Many of our employees have 25 plus years of waxing and paper experience and they are here to assist in getting you the quickest response and quote possible. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards customers have come to expect.

Today we offer a vast array of waxed, coated and printed papers converted for a variety of uses including separating meat, poultry, cheese, bakery and deli foods. Our complete line of quality converted papers include but are not limited to patty paper interleave, picking paper, sheeted waxed paper, bulker and roll stock paper.