THE BOMARKO NAME In 1963, a gentleman by the name of Robert "Bob" Koch (KO) founded Bomarko. Bob (BO), together with his wife Margaret (MAR), decided upon the name



Plymouth, Indiana April 13, 1963 was the turning of the first shovel of dirt at the ground breaking ceremony for Bomarko, Inc. Those pictured are Robert M. Koch corporation president and Walter Glaub, president of the Plymouth Industrial Development Corp. The ceremony was held at the site on Oak Road in Plymouth. Pictured are left to right, Fred Morrow, Ed Miller, legal counsel for Hollymatic, Inc., Koch, John Nickoloff, Glaub, George Holly, Mayor Bixel, Mrs. Koch, Joe Felke, Art Thomson, Francis Johnson, Clayton Robinsin and Harry Holly.

Robert Koch, president of Bomarko, Inc., facing front center, shows how paper is waxed at the new plant recently constructed on an 11-acre site on Oak Road adjacent to the old Nickel Plate railroad. Koch conducted a tour for fellow members of the Plymouth Rotary club on August 20, 1963.